▼ 1.Please enter IP address of SMSDVR to enter main page, entering User name and Password to log in


▼ 2. Press setting to enter setting page after entering the main page


▼ 3. By choosing the property button to enter device property page, click Message button to enter Message setting


▼ 4. Enter the user name and password from account card. Receiver and message content, click save then upload after finish entering


▼ 1. Click Log in


▼ 2. Click Setting


▼ 3. Click Alarm to enter Alarm setting page


▼ 4. Click Message from the E-mail / Message option of the camera option

Choose the camera that you want to set from, Example: Camera 1


▼ 5. Return to setting and set Internet option


▼ 6. Click Message option from the internet setting page


▼ 7. Enter Receiver Phone number and Message to be shown. Maximum of 10 sets of phone numbers can be set for receiver

Now, you have finish set up for your Message Transmitter

If you want to know more about the product, please refer the user manual, Thank you for choosing


Guarding security, industry control, environment surveillance, unattended control room,
    automate factory, remote facilities surveillance
Suitable for home: Apartment buildings, town house, garage security, and for home care services
Commercial use: retail stores, office, storage, protect commercial tools and confidential,
    example: important file cabinet drawers



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